// Eliut + Taylor // Desert Elopement

Matt / February 13, 2018

Eliut and Taylor had it all planned out, a gorgeous fall wedding for their friends and family – We shot their engagement in February and couldn’t wait to share their big day with them in November.. and then a few month after the engagement shoot we got a call from Taylor’s Dad. Turns out wedding planning is stressful, and this is something that might not be shared enough so We wanted to write about it today. WEDDING PLANNING CAN BE STRESSFUL! It can take a toll on your mind, body, and soul if you let it. but if you take a second, put down the table seating chart and remember why you are getting married in the first place it can wash all that stress away.

This is what Taylor did amongst the stress of planning, she looked at her Groom and said why not NOW!? and just like that, they planned an elopement, her dad was calling us to let us know about their wedding changes and if we would be able to still provide photography – Our answer was OF COURSE! we thought this was a amazing idea on their part and just loved that they wanted to be married already – So with a week notice their wedding changed from  a traditional wedding in November to a desert elopement in April! Here are some of our favorites from their romantic wedding day!

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