Let’s Get Ready!

Matt / February 7, 2018


We are kicking off a series where we open up about different parts of the wedding day timeline! So let’s start at the beginning of your day: the getting ready shots! We have all seen them, those amazing beautiful preparation shots at what seems like the most amazing house or hotel ever! You might think your images will never look like that because you’re getting ready at home, but let me tell you a secret: NOT every wedding is shot at a mansion or crazy expensive hotel. You can make your wedding images ten times better by reading our tips below. We have learned a lot of things over the hundreds of weddings we have captured and experienced, so we thought we should share these with our couples to make your day that much better and stress free!


Cleaning & Preparing Your Getting Ready Space



This first tip is the most important but unfortunately the most overlooked. We totally get it, after all that planning your wedding day is finally here and you are so excited to get started! A clean and organized space is easier to maneuver for both your photographer and your bridal party and family. We have moved furniture and have shot in all different conditions, but having a clean space really helps with jumping right into photos and capturing your day; I mean who wants to delay the start of your wedding day? We recommend tidying up before your photographer arrives: bags, water bottles, food, champagne flutes, and any other random clutter that will show up in pictures, whether it be at your house or a hotel!

Have All Your Details in One Place 


Having all the details of your wedding in one space really helps your photographer to quickly capture everything you want. Rings, shoes, jewelry and invitations are some of the details that our brides and grooms want us to photograph. Setting them aside the night before is a great idea, plus you will have peace of mind going through that checklist before bed!

The Dresses & THE Dress



Make sure to plan ahead: you don’t want to forget to steam your dress or the bridesmaid dresses until your photographer is taking them out of the bags! Depending on the size of your bridal party it can really delay your detail shots, but more importantly it delays everyone getting dressed for the day! So steam those dresses (and veil!) and let them hang dry. If you don’t have a steamer, turn the shower on, and make a sauna! A few minutes in there will steam your dress.

 Speaking of the Dress, Let’s talk about the Hanger!



So many times we spend a lot of time and money when it comes to the dress, but more often than not we forget about the hanger! We’ve been guilty of this ourselves, but have learned this secret since joining the wedding industry. It breaks our hearts to see some amazing dresses left on an old plastic hanger. Not only can they be an eyesore in your pictures, but we’ve even had one break on the day of the wedding! We are not saying you need to spend a lot of money on a custom hanger, but a simple, sturdy, wooden hanger can make a world of difference in your photos and the safety of your dress!

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