Strange wedding gift, or so we thought.

Matt / May 31, 2006

I recently commented that Dani and I celebrated 4 years of marital bliss. Kudos to Dani for putting up with me for that long. ūüėÄ But rewind with me 4 years. Dani and I had probably only opened our weddings gifts about a week ago today. And with all the gifts we received perhaps the most random gift was that of a Fire extinguisher. The note attached said something like … “May the flames of your love never die!” We thought … kinda cute of them … but kinda odd. The variety of gifts that you just wonder if it was re-gifted but yet possibly well thought out. I am not sure how to describe it. I would hate to offend because we really appreciated the gift. In fact we really appreciated every gift. Large or small. We feel that many people sacrificed to bless our lives. Now I will cut to the chase.

Fast forward 4 years. Its late May and in a hungered frenzy Cosette (who manages the affairs of the office) places a tasty dish upon the stove to heat up. She proceeds to go upstairs when Dani starts yelling for her. She flies down the stairs like Peter Pan and tries to smother the flames of the oven mitt and hot pad. She is unsuccessful in doing so since the¬†source of heat¬†is coming from the burner below. Dani with quick thinking gets high above the fridge and … ENTER STAGE LEFT ODD WEDDING GIFT … and extinguishes the blaze! Someone accidentally turned on the back burner instead of the front. Oops. No harm no foul. But the thought returned and a voice beckoned. The once thought strange wedding gift is now¬†a prized wedding gift when used. Thank you VERY much to the beautiful couple who blessed our lives with a needed gift and a cute note. Flame of Marriage still burning. Flame of oven … extinguished!

Photo by Kendra Tropple

¬†Hey Kendra … nice shot. Photo by Kendra Tropple.

 Matt Wheeler РPhotographer

Fine Art Printing …

Matt / May 19, 2006

One thing we are super stoked about is the ability we now have of printing in house. We aren’t printing all of our stuff in house however. We plan, at least¬†for now, of only printing our fine art prints in house. We (Dani and I)¬†just returned from the celebration of 4 years of marital bliss. While we were in San Diego we stopped by a printing supplier. We were able to meet Dave and share in his passion of printing. He was able to show us in more depth the various papers used in fine art printing. We picked out some of our favorites and off we went.

It has been a few years since I have been in the Dark Room and I miss it. I don’t miss certain things about it … like the goose egg I got because I turned the corner too quick in 9th grade¬†… next thing I knew I was on the floor of the dark room … ouch … but again I digress. It has been awesome to be able to watch our images develop with new technology. What does this all mean to you? Good question. Answer: Really nice prints developed by the artists hands for your viewing pleasure. Yes again¬†… we are taking the art of your¬†photos and video¬†one step further. Enjoy!

Matt Wheeler¬†–¬†Photographer

We have been busy!

Matt / April 11, 2006

New arrival!

 We are excited to welcome the newest member of the Still Life team. Lane is an accomplished viewer of light. He has demonstrated his ability to produce abstract works of art as he develops and has shown forth his ability to overcome darkness and adversity. We welcome his creative genius and look forward to seeing more of his talents as he grows and progresses.

¬†Dani both shot and designed the layout for this announcement. I was quite surprised at how quickly she picked the camera up and got back to the computer for this project. We look forward to her full return. Until then she can take the time she needs and relax. She had been quite productive her self the last while and deserves the break. ūüôā

Matt Wheeler – Photographer

A killer part to the cart … improved!

Matt / March 30, 2006

Recently I got a call from Josh and Marisa. They let me know that after I posted their images online they sat down and clicked on the slideshow button, within our new shopping cart,¬†and just watched their images fade in and fade out. They said they loved it. I tried to imagine them huddled around the computer screen in what I imagine is sparsely furnished apartment. (Because in the first place Dani, my wife,¬†and I rented was a hodge podge of¬†donated furniture and ugly¬†vinyl tile¬†floor. But I digress!) It was as though I could see them watching the images from their wedding¬†day, displaying pieces they might have missed or pieces they especially remember.¬†My thought was how cool! I have the best career in the world.¬†Again … I digress.

¬†This post was supposed to be all about how the slideshow feature of the cart used to display images in what seemed a¬†random order.¬†I contacted the team at Skooks Kart and let them know the problem. I received a message¬†today that its all fixed. Thanks guys!¬†So now I relay the message: Josh and Marisa … go to and watch your day as it was meant to be watched … in mostly sequential order split up into a few¬†categories for easy¬†searching! ūüôā

¬†If you want to see their¬†images … go to and click on the event login page. Find their gallery and type the¬†password “josh”. There are some killer images there. The Dirty Session should be available real soon!

РMatt РPhotographer 

New Shopping Cart is Live!

Matt / March 29, 2006

We recently went live with a new photo and various product shopping cart. We are pretty excited for the new possibilities it offers. It has tons of cool options like Black&White preview, crop preview, slide show, and a bunch more. One downside to a new cart is that all of the Still Life Studios past online proofing galleries are not accessible. If you notice a gallery you are trying to view is not visible, send us an email at We can usually have it online for your viewing pleasure and ordering within a few days. If we need to post the gallery again, in most cases the first month is free. If you need additional time for the gallery or need to have it re-posted there will be a small hosting fee.

 Check out the cart here or go to and click the Event Login page. If you would like a password for a specific gallery let us know. Or sample the cart by choosing a gallery that is not password protected. We would love to hear any positive or negative thoughts about the new cart.

Thanks to all,

 Matt Wheeler РPhotographer