// Kyle + Linda // Desert Trails Engagement

Matt / August 21, 2017

“Do you want to go on a hike with our dogs?” ….Um the answer is always yes! Kyle and Linda know the way to my heart and that is dogs! I love when our couples bring their fur babies with them!

// Ryan + Rachel // Downtown Engagement

Matt / August 21, 2017

Downtown Urban engagements are some of our favorites! to be able to mix different textures and colors is always so much fun! and when you get a couple that matches your surroundings plus a in-coming monsoon…..well what you have then. is what we call  magic.

//Derek + Ashley // Desert Engagement

Matt / August 21, 2017

We all love an adventure right?  Derek and Ashley included!  wanting to include their dogs and outdoors – well the desert was a no brain-er – We had so much fun capturing the little moments as well as the ones with the dogs running full speed at me! gotta love their enthusiasm!

The Importance of Engagement Sessions

Matt / July 6, 2017

Today the team and I wanted to talk about a really important subject: your engagement session!

Over the years we have heard a lot of different opinions when it comes to actually doing an engagement session. While they served originally served the purpose of announcing your engagement to the world (i.e  the local paper), they actually are more important than that, especially if you consider yourself or your partner someone who dreads having their picture taken.

We like to support the “face your fears” scenarios. If photos make you uncomfortable, it would be a good idea to have engagement photos taken to help expose you to what it will actually feel like for your wedding day. We have had countless Brides and Grooms say “I don’t like having my picture taken” and we are thankful that they are open and honest with us. Knowing your anxiety towards photos helps us know how to support you and your partner during your shoot. We don’t want these to feel like the dreaded school photos; we want you to have fun with us and forget that we even have a camera in our hands. Sure it may feel weird for the first few minutes or that first time we ask you to kiss, but the end result is to get you prepared for your Bride and Groom session. Everyone is beautifully different!

Another perk of the engagement session, besides capturing some great photos, is you have an idea of what to expect on your wedding day. While we tend to shoot most of the day in a candid style, when it comes to your bridal portraits, direction is happily given. As a fresh off the aisle married couple it shouldn’t be your job to worry about “what to do with my hands.” That is your photographer’s job; we are here to photograph you at your best, so getting the best angles/posture/composition IS running through our minds while we direct you through portraits. We tend to “joke” with our couples when it comes to posture; I like to sometimes call it contortion-ism “that if it feels weird, you’re doing it right,” not unlike yoga. What I mean by this is some shots are so beautifully elegant and seem natural, but in reality you may have to bend awkwardly for a specific angle or tilt your head further than normal so the image is proportional to the desired angle of the photographer. So having some exposure to that is helpful on the wedding day, as you will be like “Oh I have done this before!” or “I know what “switch noses” means!” You basically get to learn the language of your photographer, which helps in so many ways on your wedding day!

Now what we feel is one of the most important things about this session is taking the time to feel out and vibe with your photographer. We love all of our photographers equally and think they take amazing photos, but if you feel like they won’t be a good fit for your wedding day just let us know! Being comfortable, relaxed, and trusting your photographer is so important. It can make a photographer’s job very difficult when the couple is not comfortable, and can often be picked up on by other guests as well!

// Zak & Courtney // Tre Bella

Matt / June 29, 2017

Tre Bella’s beautiful Blu Cielo was the perfect backdrop for Courtney and Zak’s elegantly romantic wedding. Courtney looked stunning and her lace gown fit like a glove. Their love and lightheartedness showed throughout the day, especially when in the company of their bridal party. No lack of sand could dampen their spirits!

Venue & Linens: Tre Bella
Photographer: Brianna, Still Life Studios
Floral: Blume Events
Cake: Piece of Cake